Stock Rally: PepGen (PEPG) Records Notable Upward Movement

PepGen Inc. (NASDAQ: PEPG) witnessed a notable surge of 14.68% in its stock valuation during the preceding trading session, concluding at $16.95 by the session’s end. This ascent in PepGen’s stock value occurred amidst a lack of immediate news, triggering speculation regarding recent developments propelling the surge. PepGen (PEPG) recently disclosed that the U.S. Food […]

Upward Trajectory: SuperMicro (SMCI) Shares Soar In Current Session

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI) has commenced a notable ascent this morning. At the latest check during the ongoing session, SMCI shares demonstrated a remarkable surge of 25.29%, reaching $919.82. The driving force behind this upswing in SuperMicro’s stock can be attributed to a strategic financial maneuver unveiled recently. SuperMicro (SMCI) disclosed its intention […]

Kiora Pharmaceuticals (KPRX) Stock Rose 62% Pre-Hours. How Did That Happen?

As a result of regulatory approval, Kiora Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASD: KPRX) has soared 62.20% at $5.32 in pre-market trading hours on Tuesday. KPRX has seen a dramatic increase in its share price, pointing towards a very successful future for the company. What does KPRX get the go-ahead for? The Phase 2 trial of KIO-101 for […]

What Caused The DoubleDown (DDI) Stock To Rise 71% In Pre-Hours Session?

Shares of DoubleDown Interactive Co. Ltd. (DDI) have soared 71.15% to $14.00 in Wednesday’s premarket session as the top gaming firm prepares to take part in a significant event. DDI delivers unique player experiences across a number of genres. Where will DDI be taking part? In an announcement, DoubleDown (DDI) indicated that it will attend […]

Did Anything Boost Castellum (CTM) Stock After-Hours Trading?

Following a shareholder report on Wednesday, shares of Castellum Inc. (NYSE: CTM) increased 6.84% to $1.25. What kind of update has CTM given? Castellum (CTM) recently posted the following disclosure from CEO Mark Fuller for its investors, potential shareholders, and other stakeholders in accordance with its obligations under Regulation FD. The CEO of Castellum takes […]

Is This Why The Soluna Holdings (SLNH) Stock Rising This Session?

Following the release of a business update, Soluna Holdings Inc. (NASD: SLNH) is gaining on the charts today, up 13.47% to trade at $0.65 at the most recent check. What kind of update did SLNH give? The business report was given today by Soluna Holdings (SLNH), the parent company of Soluna Computing, Inc. (“SCI”), a […]

How Has The Biophytis (BPTS) Stock Appreciated 28% In Pre-Market Session?

In today’s premarket trading, Biophytis S.A. (NASD: BPTS) is soaring on the charts, up 28.53% to trade at $0.45 at the last check. Despite the dearth of recent news, the price of BPTS stock increased, therefore recent events may be helpful in providing information about the clinical-stage biotechnology business. What recently occurred? The complete findings […]

What Led The EHang (EH) Stock To Increase Pre-Market On Wednesday?

After announcing the date of the publication of its quarterly results, EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EH) has been up 6.67% at $4.64 in pre-market trading hours on the most recent check Wednesday. When will EH release its financial results? Before the U.S. market opens on Friday, December 2, 2022, EHang (EH) said that it will […]

Why Did The LiqTech (LIQT) Stock Jump During Extended Trades On Friday?

Following the signing of a distribution agreement, LiqTech International Inc. (NASD: LIQT) saw a gain of 2.41% at $0.4199 in after-hours trading on the previous Friday. Which contract has LIQT signed? In order to commercialize LiqTech’s produced water treatment filtration solution for re-injection in fifteen chosen countries throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, and South […]

5 Hot Pre-Market Movers Stocks to Watch

Premarket movers are typically beneficial to traders and investors since they provide a preview of what the market may do in the future. Traders can trade pre-market movers using either electronic communication networks (ECNs) or alternative trading systems (ATSs). Pre-market movers have huge bid-ask spreads due to limited liquidity and volume. Many retail brokers provide […]