How Did The Qualtrics (XM) Stock Surged In The Extended Session?

Due to the company’s recent announcement of a new platform, Qualtrics International Inc. (NASD: XM) has increased 4.20% to $10.17 in after-hours trading on the latest check Monday.

What platform has XM revealed?

In order to maintain employee engagement and productivity, Qualtrics (XM) has unveiled Qualtrics Manager Assist, a new platform that gives managers the tools to hear, comprehend, and act on feedback from their own teams in real-time.

  • Everything a manager needs to boost staff engagement and productivity while lowering costly turnover is included in Manager Assist.
  • With the help of Qualtrics Discover, Manager Assist analyzes the input that workers provide through engagement surveys as well as what they are saying on social media.
  • Based on the billions of data points on Qualtrics’ XM Platform, Manager Assist will use XM Benchmarks from Qualtrics to assist managers in understanding their largest risks and opportunities.
  • Managers receive a thorough analysis of how trends vary by region and sector, as well as automatic recommendation prompts, enabling them to take decisive action.
  • Manager Assist gives managers the power of data to understand how their teams are feeling and the experiences their employees are having. This allows managers to take the appropriate decisions to keep their teams operating successfully and efficiently while also preventing expensive employee churn.
  • Managers can rapidly learn what should be celebrated and what measures they can take with their staff to develop with the aid of XM’s Manager Assist, which maximizes the benefits of engagement pulses in a straightforward, approachable manner.

With the use of text sources including open text survey replies, HR tickets, public social media, and corporate chat, Manager Assist will give managers the knowledge they need to comprehend how a team is feeling.

The data will be combed through by Qualtrics’ industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine the most crucial areas of concentration in order to bring about the most rapid and significant improvement.

How would XM target various industry sectors?

By incorporating XM Benchmarks integration into the Manager Assist experience, Qualtrics (XM) will use its extensive experience data and sector-leading analytics. Based on the billions of data points collected by the XM platform, clients may use XM Benchmarks to identify their greatest risks and opportunities. Manager Assist also makes use of the integrated action planning and collaboration capabilities, so managers can work with their team in a single click, generate ideas, and develop plans with shared accountability depending on the team’s input. Beginning in early 2023, Manager Assist will be offered.