Is Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (SNOA) Stock Price Up This After-Hours Session?

Following the release of new goods, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASD: SNOA) increased 5.62% to $2.63 in after-hours trading on Tuesday.

What kind of product has SNOA released?

Last week, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (SNOA) introduced Rejuvacyn Advanced Skin Repair Cooling Mist and Reliefacyn Advanced Itch-Burn-Rash-Pain Relief Hydrogel for over-the-counter usage in the United States.

  • Advanced Reliefacyn Itch-Burn-Rash-Pain Relief A substance that was previously only available via prescription is now offered directly to consumers as a hydrogel.
  • Reliefacyn successfully treats the symptoms of eczema/atopic dermatitis by reducing symptoms such as red bumps, itchy, painful, and scaly rashes, shallow skin fissures, and peeling.
  • Reliefacyn helps with the three stages of healing—inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling—and the gel binds to the skin immediately, making application simple and preventing leaking or running.
  • Reliefacyn acts as an anti-pruritic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic.
  • The Rejuvacyn Advanced Skin Repair Cooling Mist is designed for everyday skin health and hydration as well as over-the-counter therapy for mild skin irritations following cosmetic operations.
  • Rejuvacyn, a product designed to speed up the body’s natural healing process, helps patients recuperate after popular operations including microdermabrasion, laser treatments, injections, facials, and chemical peels carried out in dermatological clinics and medical spas.
  • When applied as a cold spray to the skin, Rejuvacyn is safe to use near the nose, mouth, and eyes.
  • The Natural Products Association has also accredited Rejuvacyn Advanced Skin Repair Cooling Mist as a Natural Personal Care Product.

In order to build a portfolio of consumer-focused solutions that offer healing and comfort for frequent ailments and procedures, SNOA is expanding its range of dermatological goods with the introduction of these items. Rejuvacyn is an all-natural medicine created by Sonoma Pharmaceuticals for customers who want to avoid possibly dangerous chemicals in their healthcare regimen. The product was instantly made accessible by SNOA via its website and through outside distributors.

What is SNOA focusing on?

From November 1, through November 3, 2022, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals (SNOA) has been exhibiting at the CPHI Conference in Frankfurt, Germany as part of its efforts to increase its market share in the European Union by bringing on new distributors and partners for its dermatology products, which include therapies for acne, atopic dermatitis, and scar management. Additionally, SNOA has created high-quality, useful items for eye, nose, oral, and dental care.