Why Did The SINTX Technologies (SINT) Stock Rise By 18% After-Hours?

After-hours shares of SINTX Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SINT) increased 17.71% to trade at $0.2742. Since Friday’s regular session ended at $0.23, SINT stock seemed to be recovering its loss of -4.92%.

What’s the latest on SINT?

The SINTX Technologies (SINT) announced last week that its four new antibacterial biomedical implants have been granted international patents.

These patents were awarded by Canada, Australia (two patent awards), and Japan, adding to SINTX Technologies’ intellectual property portfolio. Medical implants can benefit from bacteriostatic properties found in silicon nitride, one of SINT’s premium bioceramics. As a result of these patent awards and the protection they provide, SINTX Technologies is able to provide greater value to medical device partners operating in protected geographies.

These awards strengthen SINTX Technologies’ portfolio of intellectual property, which is valued highly. Despite the fact that bacteria and infection remain the most significant health issues, the topic of antibacterial protection for medical implants is of interest across all surgical areas. Med-tech companies have already expressed interest in our material as a means of reducing bacteria issues associated with their implants.

SINT’s other achievements:

A Phase I grant of $275k has recently been awarded to SINTX Technologies by the National Institutes of Health to develop and test an antimicrobial trauma device. With silicon nitride embedded into the surface of the 3D-printed continuous carbon fiber (cCF) reinforced polyether ketone ketone (PEKK) plate, the device will be constructed from silicon nitride. In the past year, the NIH has awarded SINT three grants.

This infection-resistant trauma plate will be developed and tested by SINTX Technologies in collaboration with Drexel University, Thomas Jefferson University, and the University of Pennsylvania over the next 12 months. A 3D printing production method will also be used to customize the trauma plate’s design. As a result of the combination of cCF-PEKK with silicon nitride, the composite material forms the device with improved fatigue properties, imaging characteristics, and tailored stiffness.

How has SINT been progressing?

Through entering new markets and acquisitions, SINTX Technologies (SINT) has grown significantly from being a spine company to expanding and diversifying. A recent acquisition of Technology Assessment & Transfer (TA&T) expanded the Company’s product portfolio into other ceramics for medical and industrial purposes, such as zirconia and alumina. With a focus on advanced materials science, SINT manufactures, researches, and develops products to improve quality of life.