Is There More Upside Ahead For Kopin Corporation (KOPN)

During trading on July 7, the stock of Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a maker of optical-electronic systems, surged 12.71 percent to $1.33. The market value was $120.05 million.

KOPN drew investors’ notice a year ago with its innovative advancements in the realm of micro-optics. However, Kopin Corporation’s (KOPN) capitalization has plummeted nearly tenfold since then.

Nonetheless, the business remained in some investors’ sights, and the good dynamics of technology companies influenced KOPN pricing. Furthermore, Kopin is winning new contracts, and the value of its technology is rising.

Remember that Kopin Corporation (KOPN) has unrivaled expertise in the creation of microscopic optical systems for virtual glasses (VR), augmented (AR), mixed reality (MR), helmet-mounted displays, and projection microsystems, and other applications.

At the same time, Kopin Corporation (KOPN) provides a utilitarian foundation for working in adverse environments; for example, the business has a high-resolution plastic optical system Pancake that can be utilized in relatively low-cost mass products.

Kopin Corporation (KOPN) has been granted a contract by a major defense contractor to build a new automotive visualization system by the end of June 2022. Because there are more wheeled vehicles than fighters or helicopters, this is a relatively broad targeted market. At the same time, automobile equipment requires unique, dependable displays.

Kopin Corporation (KOPN) is creating an extremely brilliant yet energy-efficient display based on the ferroelectric liquid crystal as part of the new contract (FLCoS). The display will be highly durable, and Kopin Corporation (KOPN) may be able to organize mass manufacturing and sale to other clients as a consequence.

Such displays are in demand in a variety of sectors; for example, brilliant inexpensive displays are required in navigation and tiny aircraft.

Squeezing the time span to 30 day period shows us the stock is currently trading -12.96% below one month high and is +28.42% above the lowest during that time. Looking into the simple moving average, Kopin Corporation (KOPN)’s stock stands at an SMA-50 of $1.2931 while that of 5-day is reading $1.2320.