Why Did Buyer Group (BYRG) Stock Stabilize On Friday?

As of the previous close, the stock of Buyer Group Intl Inc [OTCPK:BYRG] was up less than 1% (0.48% to be exact) at $0.0104, but has made gains of nearly 10% over the past week. BYRG stocks recorded a volume of 3.97M, compared to a volume of 5.11M over the past 30 days. A 52-week range of stock values was observed from $0.0009 to $0.0118. BYRG stock has been getting traction over the past week due to the company’s new executive vision.

What plans does the BYRG team have for the future?

Buyer Group explores mineral and other natural assets in the Western United States in order to gain and mine mineral-rich resources. In 2016, BYRG’s CEO David Bryant chose to shed the organization’s past business and once again organize an agreement for unwinding those arrangements and redesigning the organization over a long-term period using its own mining resources, or instead sell the organization.

The Buyer Group confirmed on last Thursday that the reorganization was materially complete with a new executive vision that focuses on Platinum Group Metals Exploration in Wyoming, and uploaded the executive summary detailing the plan and timeline for the next three years. The board of directors makes it clear that they are laser focused on Platinum Group Metals Exploration in Wyoming with the reinstatement of BYRG on OTC Markets.

Among the highlights from this past year are several 2021 milestones to include:

  • BYRG applied for reinstatement of OTC markets in March.
  • BYRG initiated a capital raise of approximately $17 million in June.
  • Its Board Directors sold personal land at its HQ – Live Oak HQ on June 3 for $400,000.
  • BYRG entered negotiations with advisors (Stonger) in August for a partial return of 1.1 Billion shares in exchange for continued participation (in negotiations).
  • The investment banking New Caledonian bankruptcy led BYRG to identify 2.2 Billion additional shares.
  • In addition, Wyoming was identified as an acquisition target.
  • BYRG also filed leases in August with the BLM for Wyoming lands.
  • BYRG was granted current status for the OTC market in September.
  • In September, BYRG filed claims with the Wyoming County Recorder.
  • In addition, BYRG is developing social media, Twitter, Youtube, and a web site.
  • BYRG is also selling software assets to third parties for which it has received tender offers.
  • Wyoming claims begin to be processed in October.
  • Start telling the BYRG story on social media and news outlets.
  • OTC Markets has posted an Executive Summary by Buyer Group International Inc.

According to the research report, BYRG’s mission should be to refocus their vision in one area, Platinum Group Metals, and to recover past agitator stock exchanges. It is hoped that the lands in Wyoming will yield deposits and reserves of platinum and related metals, palladium, rhodium, copper, gold, and silver.

BYRG’s further plans for the year:

In November, Buyer Group (BYRG) plans on seeking board approval to decrease its authorized capital to fewer than 20 billion shares. In addition, BYRG will achieve a remarkable arrangement in Wyoming with the support of its exceptional financiers.